• Overpopulation 1
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Overpopulation 1: How Many People Can the Earth Support?

Review of the Quartz Aug 18′ article “We are exceeding Earth’s carrying capacity. Denying it is suicidal,” by Richard Heinberg — (author and senior fellow with the Post Carbon Institute).

Written by: m.wilson

Societies Pollute their Environment to the Point of Collapse

According to Heinberg, the earth has a biological “carrying capacity,” which is defined as “the number of organisms an environment can support without becoming degraded.” The existence of this capacity he wrote, holds the consensus among the majority of ecologists. However, despite a likely causal relationship, overpopulation is not discussed in the media as much as climate change for example, as corporations utilize cheap energy like nuclear, gas, oil, and wood to churn out massive amounts of pesticides, antibiotics, and fertilizers for the 7+ billion people occupying the planet.

Relatedly, it may be reasonable to surmise that mass migration is a symptom of a failing society. And while Societies have fallen for various reasons, including over-extension of empire, invasion, and natural climate change (Heinberg, 2018), archaeologists have consistently reported the ‘consumption of resources and the pollution of the environment — to the point of collapse…’ 

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